This site is the accumulation of stuff that I learn

Got my Novell 4.11 certification back in 1997, when I was 17. Got my MCSE sometime in 2000, migrated a Novell 3.x network to Windows 2003. I was basically a network/system administrator for the longest time. In 2005, less than a week into my new job, my manager, told me that I won’t be doing anymore network/system admin work, instead I will be taking over the SQL 2000 environment because the Sr. SQL DBA was leaving in two weeks.  I became one of those accidental DBAs.

Late 2006, I got a contracting job with Microsoft.  I had to move from Denver, CO to Redmond, WA.  I worked on the following teams: mssales, adCenter, and spent two years with OSD in downtown Bellevue, WA.

I had a lot of fun on the OSD team. The people there were really cool and supportive. Unforunately, they had their budget cut twice and all the contractors got let-go. They had no openings for a Ops FTE because of the nature of their work. This was when I found out about the likes of Paul Randal, Kimberly Tripp, and Kalen Delaney. My OSD lead had a book from SQLSkills and I read it briefly, not knowing what it is, and I was blown away. So I searched around some more and found Kalen Delaney’s SQL 2008 Internals.

The content in Delaney’s SQL 2008 internals book blew me away. After reading her book, I had 5 contract job offers at MS, one of which, was for the office 365 team and a FTE position in Arizona. Never in my career had I had so many job offers at once, it was a bit overwhelming. Ending up picking Arizona but sometimes, I wonder what I would of learn if I picked the Office 365 team.

A couples of goal I have for myself:

– Attend SQL Pass in 2012
– Attend SQLSkills immersion course
– Continue learning SQL & C#


– graduated from George Washington HS in Denver, CO
– experienced with Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/screw you Vista/Windows7/2008/2008 R2
– experienced with SQL 2000/2005/2008/2008 R2
– graduated from Metro State College of Denver in Denver, CO
– moved to Redmond, WA early Jan of 2007
– contracted to Microsoft
– finally own a game console after 15 years (xbox360)
– finally got myself a PS3!
– played a bit too much paintball
– no more paintball; got too expensive
– no longer in Redmond, but in downtown Bellevue, WA
– currently playing Modern Warfare 2 on the PS3 (not anymore, damn hackers)
– working on writing powershell & c# scripts
– still no shiba inu pet dog yet
– now living in Phoenix, AZ.

huh what?! you want to get a hold of me? Well, you’re in luck. I’m finally on twitter: @Red8Rain.

Disclaimer: All scripts and posts on this site, www.cbtr.net, are as-is.