Lightroom 5 or 6 – import photos on a usb drive to a catalog stored on a usb drive

I used to store all my photo a huge buffalo drive.  A friend of mine recently lost all of his family photos when his usb drive crash.  He didn’t have any backup.  I have my files backup to amazon cloud.  Now I want to be able to download my raw files from amazon cloud to my surface pro’s microSD card and edit the photos using Lightroom.

I went into Lightroom and created a new catalog on the microSD and tried to import the photos on the microSD into the catalog on the microSD card.  Lightroom apparently doesn’t like that.  After dicking around with it for 30 something minutes and looking online, no one had an answer or i wasn’t using the correct term.

In the end, I found my own solution.  And the solution is very simple.  Close Lightroom.  used disk management to mount a folder under Pictures to the microSD.  Open Lightroom, Import photo from the mount folder, which tricks Windows and allow you to import into a catalog on the MicroSD.

Networking equipment

Yesterday, I was talking to co-workers about network cables and such.  I wanted to know if there was a place where I can get some cat5e or cat6 cables for cheap.  I also wanted to know the difference between the 5e and 6 because I have fiber optic running straight into my house and right now, the switch between my router and the fiber is only a 10/100.

I was told that the best place to get inexpensive but good quality cables and 1gb switches was at  I have never heard of them until yesterday but my co-worker swore it was a good place.  I went to check it out and man, some of the stuff there are dirty cheap.  Cat5e and Cat6 cables for < $2 for a 6 footer.  Their 1GB switch is only $25 for an 8 porter.  I was sold 😀 .