SSRS 2008 R2: Recovering a report from a database backup

Today, I was working on a ticket that require me to restore a report from SSRS sql 2008 R2.  The person that wrote the report doesn’t have a backup copy nor was it on a the dev instance.  Fun.

I didn’t find any backup files on the local drives so I asked another DBA and he found a copy on tape.  I restored the database and named it ReportServer24.  Fired up the Reporting Services Configuration Manager, and point SSRS to this new database ReportServer24.  All seem to have gone well except I got a message stating that it can’t find ReportServer24Tempdb.  I would go back to the other DBA and ask him to get me the SSRS tempdb as well except it would take forever.

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Reporting Services – Background coloring

if you need to color code the background of a row based on the values stored in 2 or more columns, use the following code. Go into the background color in property:

=iif(field!cloneStatus.Value = 1 AND field!dbStatus.value = 1, "orangered", "white")

This line of code basically states that if the cloneStatus and dbStatus doesn’t contain the value of 1, then set it to OrangeRed, else keep it at White.