Capacity planning for tempdb

tempdb, as Brentz Ozar said in one of his videos, is like a public toilet.  It is dirty and complicated.  It look very easy to manage but there are tons and tons of article written about it.  You always wonder what type of objects goes inside the tempdb.  One that always popup in my head are the temp tables created using # or ##, the dreaded cursors, and anything that spill over from memory to tempdb!

Here are some links that address the capacity planning and what exactly goes into tempdb

  1. tempdb capacity planning by msdn
  2. understanding tempdb by Kimberly Tripp (
  3. analzying tempdb by Paul Randal (sqlskill’s insider oct 2011)
  4. troubleshooting insufficient disk space in tempdb by msdn
  5. working with tempdb in SQL 2005 by msdn